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Transform Your Operations: Enhance Efficiency with WealthSphere

At WealthSphere, we understand that the cornerstone of a successful wealth management firm lies in its operational efficiency. Our platform is meticulously designed to streamline your business processes, allowing for a more agile and responsive approach to client management. By integrating critical functions such as CRM, accounting, and document management into one seamless system, WealthSphere not only simplifies your workflow but also significantly reduces the time spent on administrative tasks. This integration ensures that you have more time to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional service to your clients and growing your business.

"WealthSphere is more than just a software solution; it's a catalyst for transformation. Our advanced analytics and reporting tools provide you with deep insights into your operations, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that propel your firm forward. With WealthSphere, efficiency isn't just an objective; it's a continuous journey towards operational excellence. We're committed to staying at the forefront of technology, continuously evolving our platform to meet the ever-changing demands of the wealth management industry. Partner with WealthSphere and embark on a path to a more efficient, profitable, and future-ready business."

Corporate Service Providers
Trust administration & Trust Accounting Firms
Company Formation Agencies
Fiduciary Firms
Fund Administrators
Company Secretaries
Family Offices
Law & Accountancy Firms

Our Customers

Meet the Team

Meet the driving force behind WealthSphere – a team of dedicated professionals with expertise in finance, technology, and client service. Each member brings a unique blend of skills and a shared passion for innovation, working together to deliver solutions that empower your wealth management journey. Get to know the people committed to your success!

Brett Hall

CEO - Co-founder

Brett, a co-founder of enSynergy in 2000, stands as a pivotal visionary driving the company's product innovation and methodology. Armed with a Bachelor of Business degree in Accounting and Tax Law, Brett's expertise serves as a cornerstone for our organization. Before his tenure at enSynergy, Brett dedicated 15 years to the Offshore Corporate Services sector, notably in Monaco, honing his skills in business process design and optimization. As a qualified accountant, Brett brings a unique perspective to our team, ensuring our solutions align seamlessly with the evolving needs of our clientele.

James Reddy

Director Client Services - Co-founder

Jim, a co-founder of enSynergy in 2000, leads our esteemed client services division with a wealth of experience in implementing and supporting advanced wealth management applications. His expertise is exemplified by successful implementations and ongoing support for prominent entities like KPMG, Société Générale, and Royal and Sun Alliance. Jim's profound understanding of large client/server databases, garnered through years of hands-on experience, positions him as an invaluable asset within the enSynergy team. His dedication ensures that our clients receive unparalleled support and guidance, maximizing the value of our solutions for their unique needs.

Leigh Ward

Head Developer

Leigh heads up our development team based in the UK. With over a decade of experience in crafting cutting-edge accounting software, Leigh brings a wealth of expertise to our organization. Before joining enSynergy, Leigh was a senior accounting software developer at SAGE, a testament to his deep understanding of the industry.  His leadership ensures that our software solutions remain innovative, efficient, and tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Dexter Tyers

Client Services Specialist

Dexter heads up enSynergy's Software Support and Implementations team, leading with over 20 years of computer support experience and Microsoft MCP\MSA certifications.  Responsible for all aspects of software support, from installations to user training and ongoing assistance, Dexter ensures clients receive top-notch support. With a keen eye for detail and dedication to excellence, his leadership and technical proficiency guarantee smooth software implementations and seamless user experiences.

Alex Mellor

New Technologies/Special Projects

Alex leads our New Technologies and Special Projects at enSynergy, bringing a wealth of experience in high-end web technology projects across multiple platforms. His notable successes include pioneering customer fulfilment and automated systems for Domino Pizza's global network. Alex played a pivotal role in the design and methodologies behind our innovative WealthSphere platform, showcasing his expertise and vision in shaping cutting-edge solutions for our clients. With Alex's expertise, we continue to push the boundaries of technology to deliver exceptional results and drive forward-thinking initiatives at enSynergy.


What our clients say

"WealthSphere provided the powerful CRM, workflow, and document management we needed, enhancing compliance and efficiency. Their responsive support has been key to our growth."

CEO, Major Swiss/Caribbean Financial Group

"Since 2000, WealthSphere's flexibility and custom development have met our evolving needs, offering comprehensive modules and excellent support."

Partner, Major Swiss Trustees Firm

"WealthSphere has been a reliable partner since 1996, offering consistent support and a robust, ever-evolving system for our diverse needs."

CIO, Family Office, London/Monaco

WealthSphere's modularity and scalability perfectly suited our Family Office Trust Company's needs, enhancing client relationships and compliance.

Partner, Canadian Trust Company Inc.

"After significant growth, WealthSphere met our needs for CRM, AML, and more, offering tailored solutions and exceptional support."

VP Trust Services, Major Canadian Trust Company