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For small or startup funds, NAVSphere offers a cost-effective and comprehensive solution. Supporting both open and closed funds, it seamlessly integrates with GL360 and Assets360 for NAV calculations. With features like scheduled fees and robust reporting, NAVSphere simplifies mutual fund management securely, whether on the cloud or on-premise, as part of enSynergy's WealthSphere range.

Stop building spreadsheets and other data silos for critical client information. By securely storing all client documents, files, communications and financials in a central location, access security and productivity are significantly improved.  NAVSphere mutual fund system provides comprehensive support for managing all KYC/CDD fund holder compliance seamlessly within the central CRM module.

With NAVSphere, you can efficiently handle Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) requirements for fund holders, ensuring regulatory compliance and mitigating risk. By consolidating these compliance tasks within the CRM module, NAVSphere streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on delivering superior fund management services while maintaining regulatory standards.

Centralise your fund holder data in one location.

Fund Administration and NAVs for startup funds.



only the modules you need

What we provide:

  • CRM & fund holder KYC/CDD compliance

  • Support for multiple fund series structures

  • Support for open and closed funds

  • NAV calculation and management

  • Full accounting (optional)

  • Fee and charges management

  • Integrated full assets ledger (optional)

  • Integrated document management (optional).

  • customer web portals (optional)

The onboard 24/7 "AI" rules engine is always watching your data for rule breaches, upcoming deadlines, and other configurable scenarios. Trust us, it's got your back!

Artificially Intelligent

Our LiveWealth module uses system data to automatically create charts of intricate Beneficial Ownership setups, such as those involving funds, trusts and extensive family structures.  Importantly, the security protocols of the system determine what information is presented.

Wealth Ownership Charts

Create beautiful and easy-to-manage dashboards to present your data, anything from risk alerts to business trends, and other essential key performance indicators (KPIs).

Beautiful Dashboards

Introducing our secure web portal solution, echelon, which enables seamless and secure information sharing between your team and customers/third parties. Your customers have the ability to efficiently upload and download selective documents, such as fund documents, performance statements etc. from the LiveFile360 document store. Enhancing communication, echelon offers a secure messaging system as a reliable alternative to less secure tools like email. By utilizing echelon, you empower your customers while elevating the quality of your service provision.

Customer Portals

Create beautiful and easy-to-manage dashboards to present your data, anything from risk alerts to business trends, and other essential key performance indicators (KPIs).

Easy to Use Workflow

Our community love enVisual and we're sure you will too.  Arrange a call with us today to book a free needs analysis for your fund and a system trial. 

Over 750,000 entities managed... and counting.

NAVSphere is designed for

Fund Administration Firms
Wealth Management

What our clients say

Darrel Johnson 
Private Trust Company Inc.

"As an independent Family Office Trust, we chose enSynergy for its modularity, scalability, and client-focused CRM. The transition was seamless, backed by excellent support and training from the team. It’s been a transformative experience."

Georgina Villeneuve 
Canadian Trust Company

"We experienced substantial growth and needed a versatile software solution. enSynergy exceeded our expectations with its customizable CRM, AML, and accounting features, proving essential for our business's efficient management."

Partner -Associated Trustees, Nevis, Dominican Republic, NYC

"Choosing enSynergy for its flexibility and collaborative development was ideal. The team's accommodation and rapid response to our needs, especially with the enTrader app, have been invaluable in utilizing all modules."

Fund Administration Software

The ultimate solution for start-up funds.

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