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enSynergy Launches WealthSphere 1.2: Advanced Web-Based Trust and Corporate Services Software.

Brisbane, 1 June, 2024

enSynergy, a financial technology leader with over two decades of experience in the TCSP market, announces the release of WealthSphere 1.2, an innovative solution in the rapidly growing digital financial services market. With the rise of digital technology in the financial sector, this web-based solution leverages cutting-edge technologies, emphasizing regulatory compliance, scalability, productivity, ease of use, and security. WealthSphere can be hosted on the cloud or on-premise.

New entity dashboard  - WealthSphere 1.2
New entity dashboard - WealthSphere 1.2

Key Features of WealthSphere 1.2

Regulatory Compliance:

Ensures entities remain compliant with industry standards.


Grows with your business without sacrificing performance.

Productivity and Ease-of-Use:

Features an intuitive interface and streamlined workflows.


Advanced encryption, multi-factor authentication, and secure data handling.

LiveWealth integration

The LiveWealth auto entity charting module can now be launched within the main WealthSphere app.

Bundled Modules

With WealthSphere, choose to license only the specific modules you require instead of purchasing the entire system, allowing you to maintain full control over your investment.

Core WealthSphere System:

  • CRM and Entity Compliance

  • Fiduciary Administration (Trust/Company/Foundation/Other)

  • LiveFile for Secure Document Management

Accounting and Asset Management:

  • General Ledger, Sales Ledger/Work-in-Progress

  • Asset Management

  • Mutual Fund Administration/Accounting

Deployment Options

WealthSphere offers flexible deployment options, either on-premise or cloud-hosted.

  • Managed SaaS:

    • Hosted by enSynergy with private data centers.

  • Azure Cloud Hosting:

    • Utilize your own Azure cloud.

  • Private Network Hosting:

    • Host WealthSphere within your own secure private network, (including on-premise).

Upgrading to WealthSphere

For existing customers, migrating to WealthSphere from enVisual is smooth and transparent. Data migration is seamless with tailored support from recent versions of enVisual360. Special upgrade packages are available for existing contracted customers. Contact us for details.

For new customers, we offer upgrade paths from various competitor products. Please contact us for more details.


CEO Statement

"WealthSphere 1.2 is the culmination of extensive development and industry expertise," said Brett Hall, CEO of enSynergy. "By leveraging the latest web technologies, we have created our most advanced and efficient product yet, tailored specifically to meet the needs of the TCSP market."

Brett Hall, CEO enSynergy Group


Watch a quick introduction video: