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Optional Modules

  • Company/trust administration

  • Document management

  • Accounting (client and corporate)

  • Practice management/billing

  • NAV fund administration/asset management

  • Customer portals

Optional modules:

Having all modules integrated into a unified system provides comprehensive visibility into entity data and ensures easy, efficient access. Centralised data also enhances data security with no data exchanges with external systems. 

WealthSphere - unified system provides comprehensive visibility

Your Next Wealth Management Software

Revolutionising Wealth Management


Next-Generation Software for Trust and Corporate Service Providers

Discover WealthSphere, the pinnacle of wealth management software solutions. Built on modern architecture and incorporating the latest in innovative technologies, WealthSphere is expertly designed to scale and adapt to your unique business requirements. Whether you operate a family office, a trust/corporate services provider, or a mutual fund, our software offers unparalleled flexibility and integration capabilities.

Know and Manage Your Customer Entities from One System

We recognize the importance of understanding your customer entities for regulatory compliance, risk management, and top-notch service.  Our software's focus on centralised client data simplifies monitoring and ensures compliance.  With WealthSphere, you can easily navigate regulations and provide personalized financial services to your clients, all while maintaining security and efficiency.


All modules. One system.

WealthSphere - Integrated client management software




only the modules you need

  • CRM & entity compliance

  • task management and alerts

  • ​entity administration (trusts, companies, foundations etc.)

  • document management

  • integrated, customisable workflow

  • asset management

  • NAV fund administration

  • accounting (trust/company and corporate)

  • transaction monitoring workflow

  • customer web portals

What we provide:

Integrated client management software for trust, corporate, and family office service providers. WealthSphere can be provided as a full SaaS cloud service or on-premise.





  • Save time & improve data accuracy

  • Reduce audit costs & risks of compliance penalties

  • Empower your staff with a system they are happy to use

  • Save on your system licensing costs


WealthSphere streamlines your operations, enhancing data accuracy with a centralized platform, reducing audit costs through automated compliance monitoring, and empowering staff with user-friendly tools. This all-in-one solution also cuts system licensing costs, offering integrated modules for comprehensive wealth management, including advanced accounting features for both client/trust and corporate needs. Simplify, save, and succeed with WealthSphere.

WealthSphere - data accuracy with a centralized platform


Scaling Success: Boost Efficiency, Not Headcount, with WealthSphere

In an industry where standards are rapidly evolving, don't risk falling behind. Your customers increasingly demand the superior data quality, efficiency, and service levels that only a system like WealthSphere can provide. If you're not meeting these expectations, they may turn to competitors who are. But fear not, WealthSphere is designed for businesses of all sizes, offering scalable solutions to fit any budget. Make the smart move with WealthSphere and secure your competitive edge in the market.

Streamlined Data Management

WealthSphere offers a centralized platform to manage client data efficiently, eliminating the need for multiple systems. Enhance data accuracy and never miss a deadline with our streamlined process for managing critical information like passport expiry or client review dates.

Automated Compliance Monitoring

Simplify compliance with WealthSphere's automated monitoring. Our system proactively keeps track of important client information and alerts you to any issues, reducing audit costs and compliance risks.

User-Friendly Platform for Empowered Staff

WealthSphere’s intuitive interface and powerful reporting tools make data management effortless, even for new hires. Quick access to client records and analysis tools ensures a happy and efficient team.

Cost-Effective System Licensing

Cut down on expenses with WealthSphere's all-in-one software solution. Our integrated modules handle everything from client/trust to corporate accounting, eliminating the need for multiple software products. Also, license only the modules you need saving you more


Unlock Your Business Potential with WealthSphere


CRM & entity compliance | WealthSphere by enSynergy
CRM & entity compliance

Our CRM is tailored for wealth management, featuring integrated compliance, workflow, task management, and a complete communication history, supporting CRS and FATCA requirements.


Document Management | WealthSphere by enSynergy
Document Management

LiveFile360, our integrated DMS, offers secure, encrypted document control with easy search functionality and links to compliance and accounting data, reducing audit costs.


​Assets & Accounting | WealthSphere by enSynergy
Assets & Accounting

WealthSphere offers multi-currency, multi-entity accounting with a General Ledger and expandable modules like Assets360, enterprise billing, and timesheet work-in-progress. It's tailored for precision trust accounting.


Compliance Workflow | WealthSphere by enSynergy

Compliance Workflow

Process360 manages critical processes like client onboarding and transaction monitoring with complete control, customizable BPM, and comprehensive audit trails.


NAV Fund Administration
NAV Fund Administration

NAVSphere is the ideal solution for administering small or emerging funds, offering comprehensive capabilities at a cost-effective rate. Compatible with both open and closed funds, it performs NAV calculations seamlessly when integrated with GL360. With scheduled fees and robust reporting, NAVSphere ensures efficient fund management without overspending.

Growth-Enabling Solutions. Software that frees you to grow your wealth management firm.



Work-in-Progress/Billing | WealthSphere by enSynergy

Efficiently track your team's time with WealthSphere's ALLtime and work-in-progress (WiP) ledger. Streamline time entries and seamlessly integrate billing using the sales ledger module. Gain flexibility in billing methods, from ad hoc to scheduled profile-based billing. Simplify your time tracking and billing processes with WealthSphere.


WealthSphere Entity Administrator
Entity Administrator

Our Administrator module streamlines the management of a variety of entities, including companies, trusts, foundations, and partnerships. It offers features for creating, organizing, and maintaining entity-related data, as well as tools for compliance, document generation, and automation. With support for multiple jurisdictions and currencies, Administrator ensures versatility and adaptability.


WealthSphere echelon Customer web portals
echelon Customer Web Portals

Introducing echelon, our secure web portal solution for seamless information exchange between your team and customers/third parties. With efficient document sharing via LiveFile360 and a secure messaging system, echelon elevates communication while empowering your customers and improving service quality.


WealthSphere Technology

WealthSphere offers flexible deployment, either on-premise or cloud-hosted. The echelon customer portal allows secure data and document exchange with clients on various devices.

About Us

Become more profitable by digitalising your client data in one integrated system.

Embracing digital transformation with WealthSphere positions your firm for increased profitability. Our integrated system consolidates client data, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency. By eliminating data silos and reducing manual tasks, you save time and resources, allowing for better focus on strategic growth and client service. This integration not only simplifies operations but also provides insightful analytics, leading to more informed decision-making and a stronger bottom line.


What our clients say

"WealthSphere provided the powerful CRM, workflow, and document management we needed, enhancing compliance and efficiency. Their responsive support has been key to our growth."

CEO, Major Swiss/Caribbean Financial Group

"Since 2000, WealthSphere's flexibility and custom development have met our evolving needs, offering comprehensive modules and excellent support."